Liberty K9 Lodge
Testimonials from some of our clients...
"My dog Pepper had knee surgery two years ago. During the healing process she re-injured the knee and had to have a second surgery. Some months after the surgery she was still not using the leg. My vet recommended I take her to Liberty K9 for hydrotherapy. In November of 2009 the vet was suggesting we amputate the leg, but Christmas this year we got a great gift, she started to use the leg a little. Although the leg will never be the same, we were able to make the decision for her to keep her leg, and since Pepper is no longer able to go for long walks, the hydrotherapy is the only exercise she gets. Jennifer and her staff have been wonderful. They love Pepper and I know she loves them."
Thank you so much for your caring – Cassie B.
Mile's Story...
Miles is a grand old man. He suffers from a degenerative disease that will eventually cause him to loose the use of his back legs. Miles comes in for hydrotherapy in order to help him retain the use of his legs for as long as possible. And it also helps improve his stamina, conditioning, and helps maintain his weight.
Abby's Story...
Abby is a female chocolate lab. She is a field dog and in late 2008 she injured her leg while out in the field. She had knee surgery. A year after her surgery on her first time back in the field she reinjured her leg and needed a second surgery.Abby did hydrotherapy both pre-surgery and is continuing therapy after surgery and is beginning to use her leg again.
Eddy's Story...
My 6 year old golden has had joint issues, off and on for the past 3 years. It gets to the point where he can't get on our bed, in our vehicle, and he has difficulty walking up and down stairs. The hydrotherapy pool has worked incredibly well for him! I noticed a difference immediately after each session. And we both love it! He loves swimming in the pool and I love bonding with him. I have recommended hydrotherapy for friends and pets who have injuries or those recovering from surgery...even to those who have pets who have trouble losing weight. – Christal C.