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Where did hydrotherapy for dogs get its start....
Hydrotherapy has been used by doctor's and physical therapists for years to treat human patients suffering from arthritis, spinal cord injuries, stroke and other serious disabilities. If it works so well for humans, why not dog's?

Hydrotherapy for dogs got it's start in Great Britain, and is a relatively new arrival in the United States. But it's benefits are being proven here every day at Liberty K9 Lodge.

Top: Jim working with yellow lab, Miles and chocolate lab, Abby.

How does it work...
The reason therapist's love hydrotherapy is that the resistance of the water makes the exercise more concentrated and there's less pain. You also see results so much faster.

The dog swims in an exercise pool against a current. Hydrotherapy uses pools with powerful jets that create a current giving dogs a more complete body workout and better cardiac conditioning. No need to worry, if your dog isn't a strong swimmer or is nervous around water your pet can wear a life jacket made for dogs, with handles used to guide them. The therapist helps the dog swim against the current, guiding them so they use the correct muscles and reassuring them so they stay calm during the workout.

A five minute
swim in the hydrotherapy
pool is the equivalence of
a five mile run.

Watch video to see Miles
and Abby during their
hydrotherapy session.

From hip dysplasia to post-operative treatment...
Owners with dogs suffering from early stages of hip and elbow dysplasia can preserve their dogs mobility by having them work out in a hydrotherapy pool. Veterinarians have adopted hydrotherapy as an ideal post-surgical recovery treatment for their patients.

The number of visits depends on the dog's physical problem and his/her stamina. Some post-operative patients may need as few as three treatments while dogs with more chronic issues like arthritis may be on-going.

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Our hydrotherapy pool can also be used by dogs who are a bit overweight and during those times of year when walking outdoors may not be an option. A five minute swim in the hydrotherapy pool is the equivalence to a five mile run.

Visit our facility...
We are proud of our facility and the dedicated staff who help make Liberty K9 Lodge a loving, safe and clean facility for your pet/pets, and we invite you to visit us and see for yourself.

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